Ahead of the puppet making process, Alstonia spp. wood is cut into pieces of desired size and let be air-dried for around two months. The dry wood is chiselled and carved with high level of preciseness and very detailed. After that, final touch is given to the puppets, i.e., sanding to their optimum smoothness and painting.


Making one puppet needs two weeks time. When making puppets, carvers will sit cross-legged on the floor eight to ten hours a day. Sometimes the carvers feel bored, but a short break can do well in recharging their spirit. It is obvious that the activities require perseverance of every carver, but more importantly they demand great artistry and love from the carvers.


The carvers surely love the art and the beauty very much. However, they also need whoever can treasure and love their beautiful works of art. Without appreciation, the artists and the art will fade away for good.